Abdullah Aljoudi, MBBS

The Islamic ethicist and physician contrasts secular and Islamic bioethics in theory and practice
Abdullah Aljoudi headshot on a brown background with Center for Bioethics logo

Spotlight is an ongoing series of interviews that highlights to work of the Center of Bioethics. This series explores topics of interest to featured faculty, thought leaders, alumni, and community members to discuss current and emerging issues and their impact on the field of bioethics.

In this video, Dr. Abdullah Aljoudi reflects on his experiences as a Muslim physician from an Islamic country on studying secular bioethics in the fellowship program at the HMS Center for Bioethics. In an interview with Professor Mildred Z. Solomon, director of the fellowship program and president of the Hastings Center, Dr. Aljoudi reflects on some of the similarities and differences between Islamic and secular bioethics.

Watch the interview above or via the Center for Bioethics YouTube channel.

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