'What's at Stake With the U.S. Supreme Court Case on Misinformation?'

Rebecca Brendel, MD, JD, Director of Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics, spoke with Harvard Medicine News about the central arguments and possible impact of the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on Murthy v. Missouri. At the core of this case is freedom of speech and the federal government's responsibility to protect people from misinformation.

"As physicians, we have responsibilities to the health of our patients and to advance health and public health more broadly. As individuals and in our local institutions, we must make critically important health information available to our patients and communities in clear, understandable, accessible, and culturally informed ways. How we present information matters. It’s not just about putting forward one view that we know to be correct from the science and the practice of medicine. Instead, we must also inform ourselves about opposing views, even, and perhaps especially, if they are false, to explain why this misinformation is wrong and potentially, or actually, harmful," said Dr. Brendel.

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