Plugged-In Patients: Brain-Computer Interfaces

A Neuroethics Seminar Series Event with Philipp Kellmeyer and Leigh Hochberg
Michele Bratcher Goodwin

December 3, 2015

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Connecting the human brain to a computer is no longer science fiction. Patients unable to control their bodies will soon be able to control computers and external devices, like wheelchairs, using only mental processes, by means of a brain-computer interface. 

In this video, you will hear from investigators at the cutting edge of brain-computer interface technology. They also participate in a Q&A with audience members to discuss the ethical and philosophical implications of research and clinical care using these technologies.


- Introduction -

Thomas I. Cochrane, MD, MBA
Associate Neurologist and Senior Ethics Consultant, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Assistant Professor of Neurology and Director of Neuroethics, Center for Bioethics, Harvard Medical School

- Panelists -

Philipp Kellmeyer, MD
University of Freiburg

Leigh Hochberg MD, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Brown University