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Daniel Callahan (1930-2019)
Daniel Callahan (1930 – 2019)
Daniel Callahan (1930-2019)

We were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Daniel Callahan on July 16, 2019. Callahan, was undoubtedly one of the founders of modern bioethics. He was a mentor, scholar, and friend.
 The Center for Bioethics has the privilege of sharing an article he wrote this past summer, Bioethics and The Future: Can progress be tamed? This article will be featured in the upcoming issue of the HMS Bioethics Journal.

Callahan also visited the Center and shared reflections on his memior In Search of the Good: A Life in Bioethics.

Callahan's research covered a range of subjects, including abortion, elder care, health care policy, and the idea of a "good death." He earned his PhD from Harvard University and was a mentor, author of numberous books and research paper, and was co-founder of the Hastings Center.

Mildred Z. Solomon, Hastings Center president and director of the Center's fellowship program, reflected on his life and contributions in an In Memoriam essay featured in the Hastings Bioethics Forum. He was also remembered in The New York Times, The Scientist, and The Washington Post.