Melissa K. Uveges, PhD, MA, RN
Postdoctoral Researcher

Melissa K. Uveges, PhD, MA, RN, received a BS in chemistry from
Berry College and a BS in nursing from the University of Florida. Following
her baccalaureate education, she practiced clinical nursing in the neonatal
intensive care unit for several years before completing an MS in nursing
and an MA in religion with an ethics concentration at Yale University.
Following her studies at Yale, she was selected for a two-year clinical
bioethics fellowship at Montefiore-Einstein Center for Bioethics, where
she provided clinical ethics consultation to adult and pediatric patients,
developed topics for institutional bioethics policy, and served as a
seminar instructor for medical student-level bioethics coursework. She
received her PhD in nursing from Johns Hopkins University in 2018. Her
dissertation focused on the decision-making of mothers of infants in the
neonatal intensive care unit receiving treatment for a major congenital
anomaly. This research received funding from several nursing research
societies, Rockefeller University, and the March of Dimes. At the HMS
Center for Bioethics, she plans to continue her research in decision-making
for pediatric populations and their families.