Lynn Wein Bush
Lynn Wein Bush, PhD, MS, MA
Lecturer on Pediatrics, Part-time

Lynn Wein Bush, PhD MS MA, is a bioethicist-developmental scientist with appointments as lecturer on pediatrics, part-time at Harvard Medical School, affiliate staff division of Genetics and Genomics at Boston Children’s Hospital, and associate member of the HMS Center for Bioethics. Dr. Bush is currently also on the faculty of Pediatric Clinical Genetics at Columbia University Medical Center, faculty for their Program in Women and Children’s Bioethics, voting member of Children’s Hospital NY Clinical Ethics Committee, member of CUMC’s Pediatric/Maternal Fetal Medicine Genomic sign-out advisory team, and bioethicist for weekly Peds/MFM Genomic case conference and monthly fetal anomaly team review. In addition, she is an associate investigator and qualitative research-bioethics consultant at the National Human Genome Research Institute for the Social-Behavioral Research Branch chief’s intramural grant on care providers of children with rare or undiagnosed conditions.

Dr. Bush has an interdisciplinary graduate background, earning degrees from Columbia in Clinical Psychology, child and neuro subspecialty (PhD, Internship, and Fellowships); Developmental Psychology, focus on infancy (MA); and Bioethics (MS); with significant qualitative empirical research methodologies, genetics, and public heath throughout. Post-graduate studies in neuroscience, fetology, and genomics further inform her research, writing, and teaching on the ethical, psychological, scientific, and policy challenges of genomic diagnosis, screening, clinical care, and research involving embryos, fetuses, newborns, infants, and children. Her focus is on the complexities and uncertainties posed during the prenatal-neonatal period, especially with the implementation of genomic technologies as well as with pediatric inborn errors of metabolism, unknown or rare diseases, cardiac and syndromic conditions, complex neurodevelopmental disorders, along with fetal anomalies detected by imaging, fetal therapies, and preconception screening.

She serves as a bioethicist and liaison on pediatric, MFM, and genomic advisory committees for numerous academic medical centers and professional organizations, incl leadership roles, at Am College Medical Genetics-Genomics, Newborn Screening Translational Research Network, Society Inherited Metabolic Disease, International Society Prenatal Diagnosis & Therapy, Society Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Am Public Health Association Ethics Leadership, and Am Society Bioethics and Humanities. An invited peer reviewer for distinguished bioethics and genetics journals, Dr. Bush chaired and co-chaired recent ACMG policy statements on pediatric clinical exome/genome sequencing and the engagement process; professional responsibilities regarding the provision and dissemination of phenotypic information; and was ethics committee representative-author revisiting the ACMG duty to recontact policy in the genomics era.

Dr. Bush has long created case vignettes as a pedagogical and research approach to explore complex issues in medicine, enhance ethical reflection, and foster interdisciplinary discourse, and authored, with Karen Rothenberg, The Drama of DNA: Narrative Genomics, Oxford UP 2014. She is currently completing, with Ben Wilfond, a chapter on Ethical and Psychosocial Issues for Olaf Bodamer’s book, Pediatric Precision Medicine. A frequent presenter, including plenaries, at the NIH, ACMG, ACOG, ASHG, SMFM, SIMD, ASBH, ISPD, HMS, Baylor, JHU, CUMC, Festival of Genomics, with Grand Rounds at Einstein-Montefiore (OB) and Children’s Hospital LA (Peds), Dr. Bush was recently honored with the Fifth Declan Hurley Endowed Bioethics Visiting Professorship at CHLA.