Leanne Homan

Leanne Homan, RN, BSN, MBE, HEC-C

Associate Director of Clinical Ethics
Clinical Ethicist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Affiliate, HMS Center for Bioethics

Leanne Homan, RN, BSN, MBE, HEC-C, is a Clinical Nurse Ethicist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. She received her Associate’s Degree in Nursing from North Shore Community College in 2003 and her Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing degree from Endicott College in 2018. Her clinical practice includes nearly two decades of emergency and critical care nursing in both the community and academic medical center setting. In addition to her clinical work, Leanne served as part of hospital ethics committees which led to her deep interest in the field of bioethics. In 2020, she completed her Master of Science in Bioethics from Harvard Medical School, where her capstone project examined the impact of unit-based ethics rounds in two academic medical centers. Her primary interests in bioethics include clinical ethics, the role of ethics in debriefing, and moral distress. Leanne received the American Society of Bioethics and Humanities (ASBH) Healthcare Ethics Consultation-Certified (HEC-C) credential in 2022.