Jonathan Marron
Jonathan Marron, MD, MPH, HEC-C
Director of Clinical Ethics
Instructor in Pediatrics
Member, HMS Center for Bioethics

Jonathan Marron, MD, MPH, HEC-C, is a pediatric oncologist, bioethicist, health services researcher, and educator at Boston Children's Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He received his MD at the University of California, Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine and completed his residency training in Pediatrics at Stanford University, after which he completed fellowships in Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago's MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics, in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at BCH/DFCI, and in Pediatric Health Services Research at BCH/HMS. He also received a Master's Degree in Public Health from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and served as a Post-doctoral Research Scholar at the HMS Center for Bioethics. In addition to his clinical and research work, Jon teaches ethics courses in the HMS medical school curriculum and the HMS Master's in Bioethics graduate program (“Introduction to Clinical Ethics” and “Pediatric Bioethics”). Dr. Marron's research focuses on the intersection of ethics and decision-making, with a particular interest in pediatric cancer genomic sequencing and other advanced and emerging technologies. His bioethical areas of interest include pediatric ethics, ethical issues in genomics, informed consent, healthcare disparities, and research ethics. Dr. Marron has received funding from such groups as the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the National Institutes of Health (National Cancer Institute and the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences) and has published in such journals as JAMA Pediatrics, the American Journal of Bioethics, JAMA Oncology, the Journal of Clinical Oncology, and Pediatrics.

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Clinical ethics consultation documentation in the era of open notes.
Authors: Authors: Childers C, Marron J, Meyer EC, Abel GA.
BMC Med Ethics
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The role of ethicists in pediatric hematology/oncology: Current status and future needs.
Authors: Authors: Benedetti DJ, Marron JM, Thomas SM, Brown AEC, Pyke-Grimm KA, Johnson LM, Unguru Y, Kodish E.
Pediatr Blood Cancer
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Words Matter.
Authors: Authors: Benedetti DJ, Marron JM, Thomas SM, Caruso Brown AE, Pyke-Grimm KA, Johnson LM, Kodish E, Unguru Y.
J Clin Oncol
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Pediatric Brain Death Testing Over Parental Objections: Not an Ethically Preferable Option.
Authors: Authors: Marron JM.
Am J Bioeth
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A Process Framework for Ethically Deploying Artificial Intelligence in Oncology.
Authors: Authors: Hantel A, Clancy DD, Kehl KL, Marron JM, Van Allen EM, Abel GA.
J Clin Oncol
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Parents' understanding of genome and exome sequencing for pediatric health conditions: a systematic review.
Authors: Authors: Gereis J, Hetherington K, Ha L, Robertson EG, Ziegler DS, Barlow-Stewart K, Tucker KM, Marron JM, Wakefield CE.
Eur J Hum Genet
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Ethics Consultation in Oncology: The Search for Quality in Quantity.
Authors: Authors: Marron JM, Hantel A, Abel GA, Peppercorn JM.
JCO Oncol Pract
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What's in a Name? Parents' and Healthcare Professionals' Preferred Terminology for Pathogenic Variants in Childhood Cancer Predisposition Genes.
Authors: Authors: Hunter JD, Robertson EG, Hetherington K, Ziegler DS, Marshall GM, Kirk J, Marron JM, Denburg AE, Barlow-Stewart K, Warby M, Tucker KM, Lee BM, O'Brien TA, Wakefield CE.
J Pers Med
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Ethics-Centered Guidelines for Social Media Use by Oncology Professionals: A Call to Action.
Authors: Authors: Shukla UC, Jimenez RB, Jagsi R, Rosenberg AR, Marron JM, Carfang LJ, Lawton CA, Dizon DS, Katz MS.
JCO Oncol Pract
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Could Behavioral Economics Mitigate Shortcomings in Shared Decision-Making?
Authors: Authors: Udwadia FR, Singh S, Marron JM.
Perspect Biol Med
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