Gabriel Lázaro-Muñoz
Gabriel Lázaro-Muñoz, PhD, JD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Member, HMS Center for Bioethics

Gabriel Lázaro-Muñoz, PhD, JD, is Assistant Professor in the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Psychiatry. Dr. Lázaro-Muñoz combines his background in neuroscience, law, and bioethics to examine the implications of emerging biomedical technologies in neuroscience and genomics. He is principal investigator of studies funded by the BRAIN Initiative-National Institutes of Health and the National Human Genome Research Institute. Dr. Lázaro-Muñoz’s current studies examine ethical and social implications of the integration of psychiatric genomics into clinical care, polygenic embryo screening, and the development of neurotechnologies such as adaptive deep brain stimulation systems.

Dr. Lázaro-Muñoz received his PhD in Neuroscience from New York University; his JD and Master of Bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania; and his BA in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico.

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