Daniel B. Kramer
Daniel B. Kramer, MD, MPH
Member, HMS Center for Bioethics

Dr. Daniel Kramer studied Philosophy at Brown University prior to earning his MD from Harvard Medical School and MPH from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. He completed internal medicine training at Massachusetts General Hospital and fellowships in cardiovascular disease at clinical cardiac electrophysiology at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, as well as the Medical Device Fellowship Program with the FDA. He is a member of the cardiac electrophysiology service at BIDMC, where he is part of the Richard and Susan Smith Center for Outcomes Research in Cardiology. Dr. Kramer’s research focuses on ethics, policy, and clinical outcomes related to the use of cardiac devices, with funding support from the Harvard Catalyst, Paul Beeson Scholars Program, and Greenwall Faculty Scholars Program in Bioethics.

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Food and Drug Administration Guidance Documents and New Medical Devices: The Case of Breast Prostheses.
Authors: Authors: Weitzman RE, Stern AD, Kramer DB.
Am J Ther
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Statutes Governing Default Surrogate Decision Making for Mental Health Treatment.
Authors: Authors: Doyle CK, DeMartino ES, Sperry BP, Unno S, Roberts LW, Dudzinski DM, Sulmasy DP, Mueller PS, Kramer DB, Siegler M.
Psychiatr Serv
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Reply to the Editor-Costs and utilization of remote device monitoring in cardiology.
Authors: Authors: Holtzman JN, Kramer DB.
Heart Rhythm
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Ethical and Legal Implications of Remote Monitoring of Medical Devices.
Authors: Authors: Cohen IG, Gerke S, Kramer DB.
Milbank Q
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Trends in utilization and spending on remote monitoring of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter-defibrillators among Medicare beneficiaries.
Authors: Authors: Holtzman JN, Wadhera RK, Choi E, Zhao T, Secemsky EA, Fraiche AM, Shen C, Kramer DB.
Heart Rhythm
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Decision-making Laws for "Unrepresented" Patients.
Authors: Authors: Sperry BP, Doyle CK, Kramer DB, Dudzinski DM, Sulmasy DP, Siegler M, Mueller PS, DeMartino ES.
Ann Am Thorac Soc
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A multicenter trial of a shared DECision Support Intervention for Patients offered implantable Cardioverter-DEfibrillators: DECIDE-ICD rationale, design, Medicare changes, and pilot data.
Authors: Authors: Wallace BC, Allen LA, Knoepke CE, Glasgow RE, Lewis CL, Fairclough DL, Helmkamp LJ, Fitzgerald MD, Tzou WS, Kramer DB, Varosy PD, Gupta SK, Mandrola JM, Brancato SC, Peterson PN, Matlock DD.
Am Heart J
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CPR in the Covid-19 Era - An Ethical Framework.
Authors: Authors: Kramer DB, Lo B, Dickert NW.
N Engl J Med
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Outcomes following implantable cardioverter-defibrillator generator replacement in adults: A systematic review.
Authors: Authors: McCarthy KJ, Locke AH, Coletti M, Young D, Merchant FM, Kramer DB.
Heart Rhythm
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Relation of Frailty to Outcomes After Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation.
Authors: Authors: Kundi H, Noseworthy PA, Valsdottir LR, Shen C, Yao X, Yeh RW, Kramer DB.
Am J Cardiol
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