Benjamin Silverman
Benjamin Silverman, MD
Instructor for Medical Ethics & Professionalism, Harvard Medical School
Instructor for the Master of Medical Sciences in Clinical Investigation Program
Instructor for 1st Year Medical Students Ethics & the IRB Section
Member, HMS Center for Bioethics

Dr. Silverman is an academic psychiatrist with a background in medical ethics and addiction psychiatry. He has over ten years of experience in analyzing ethical issues posed by scientific research, building on his clinical training in psychiatry and addiction psychiatry. In particular, Dr. Silverman currently serve as an IRB Chair at the Mass General Brigham IRB, the IRB responsible for oversight of human subjects research at McLean Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, among others. Previously, he had been Chair of the McLean Hospital IRB, which he helped to administratively transition to the Mass General Brigham IRB in 2014. In these roles, he have been responsible for scientific, regulatory, and ethical review of human subject research protocols across multiple large academic institutions. His work has contributed significantly to science through the facilitation of research at my institutions. As part of his IRB work, he routinely counsel investigators on scientific, regulatory, and ethical issues, both in formal and informal presentations, and help to move science forward in a broad way.