The Lawrence Lader Lectureship on Family Planning and Reproductive Rights

2023 Lecturer Monica McLemore, PhD, MPH, RN

  • Past Lader Lecturers

    2020 Judith Daar, MSL - "Emerging Dilemmas in Reproductive Medicine: Disputes over Embryo Transfer"
    2019 Katie L. Watson, JD 
    2018 Carol Sanger, JD - "Abortion Privacy/Abortion Secrecy: What is the Difference and Why Does it Matter?"
    2017 Willie Parker, MD, MPH, MSc - "Conscience Provision of Abortion Care: Why I Provide"
    2016  Michele Bratcher Goodwin, JD - "Policing The Womb: The New Politics of Reproduction"
    2015 Maggie Little, BPhil, PhD – “Research with Pregnant Women: a Moral Imperative"
    2014 Lynn M. Paltrow, JD – “Roe v. Wade Today: Reproductive Justice in the Age of Mass Incarceration”
    2013 Anne Drapkin Lyerly, MD, MA – “Getting Beyond the Birth Wars: In Search of A Good Birth”
    2010 Nicholas D. Kristof – “Half the Sky: A Journalist Reports on Women Around the World“
    2008 Debora L. Spar, PhD – “The Baby Business: What’s Wrong with the Current Market for Reproductive Medicine and How to Make it Better"
    2006 Nawal M. Nour, MD, MPH – “Female Genital Cutting: Health, Ethics and Rights"
    2005 Kate Michelman – “Facing a Future without Roe"
    2004 Carolyn Westhoff, MD – “RU486, Plan B, and the Pharmacological Revolution in Reproductive Rights"
    2003 Mark Hughes, MD, PhD – “Reproductive Genetics: The Science, the Medicine and the Ethical Challenges"
    2001 Phillip G. Stubblefield, MD – “Safe Abortion: Will There Be Providers?"
    2000  LeRoy Carhart, MD – “‘Partial-Birth Abortion’, the Supreme Court, and Physician Autonomy"
    2000 Daniel Callahan, PhD & Sidney Callahan, PhD – “Pro-Life, Pro-Choice: A 30-Year Marital Dispute"
    1999 Adrienne Asch, PhD – “Licensing Parents: Fertility Clinics as Social Police"
    1997 Faye Wattleton – “Reproductive Freedom for the 21st Century"