2018 Conference Poster Presentations

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Thursday, April 12

Abdullah Aljoudi, MBBS
Chairman of Ethics Committee
King Fahd Hospital of the University
Imama Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
A Liberal Decision by a Conservative Scholar: The Early Organ Transplantation Discussion in the Muslim World
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Leonardo Barros e Silva, MD
Coordinator, Organ Procurement Organization
Clinics Hospital, School of Medicine
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Brain Death and Organ Donation: Ethical Conflicts Lived by Families of Donors in Decision Making
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Mair Crouch, BSc, MSc, PhD, LLB
Lecturer in Bioethics
University of Glasgow, Scotland
Brain Stem Death: From Heart Transplants to Therapeutic Pain Research – Expanding the Role of Donated Tissues
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Jason Eberl, PhD
Professor of Health Care Ethics
Albert Gnaegi Center for Health Care Ethics,
Saint Louis University
Defining Death Debate within Roman Catholicism
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Maria Chiara Errigo
PhD candidate in Constitutional Law
University Center for Bioethics
University of Parma
Matteo Gulino, PhD
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Department of Medico-Surgical Sciences
and Biotechnologies
Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
Ethical and Juridical Aspects about Organ Procurement: Should We Have An “Opt-In” or “Opt-Out” System?
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Amy Jones, MD
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Fellow
Children's National Medical Center
Investigation of Public Perception of Brain Death
Using the Internet
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Marion Mutugi, PhD
Deputy Vice Chancellor of Planning, Research
and Development
University of Kabianga, Kenya
Determination of Death: A Case for Kenya
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Sarah Kelly, BSc
MBE Candidate
Harvard Medical School
Gabrielle Dressler, BA
MBE Candidate
Harvard Medical School
Ethical Implications of Medical Crowdfunding:
The Case of Jahi McMath
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Suchana Sova
PhD candidate
Centre for Bioethics, Monash University, Australia
Assistant Professor, Jagannath University, Bangladesh
Taking Sides: Organ Bazaar and Buddha’s Four Noble Truths
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Divya Yerramilli, MD, MBE
Resident Physician
Department of Radiation Oncology,
Massachusetts General Hospital
Defining Cancer-Specific Death
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Friday, April 13

Syaefudin Ali Akhmad, MD
Senior Researcher in Bioethics and Biochemistry
Center for Islamic Bioethics and Islamic Health Law
Faculty of Medicine, Islamic University of Indonesia, Indonesia
Organ Transplantation (Donation): Perspective of Multi
Religions in Indonesia
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Miguel Dorante, BS
MBE Candidate
Center for Bioethics,
Harvard Medical School
The Dead-Donor Rule and a Death
with Dignity
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Cynthia Forlini, BSc, MA, PhD
Research Fellow
Sydney Health Ethics
School of Public Health, University of Sydney,
Australia Thinking Anew About Death: Presenting
the Rationale for an Australian Study of Health Professional
and Public Attitudeson Death and Organ Donation
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Rosamaria Gomes, MD
Professor of Medical Skills
CESMAC Medical School, Brazil
Shortcomings in the Management of Public
Health Imply a Low Rate of Transplantation
in a Brazilian Northeast Province
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Margaret Hayden, MPhil
Medical Student
Harvard Medical School
Negotiating Marginal States in Life and Death:
A Case of a Six-Week Fetus and a Brain Dead Boy
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David Matas, BCL
Barrister and Solicitor
Canadian Council on International Law
The Ethics of Professional Collaboration
withChinese Transplant Professionals
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Katie Moynihan, MBBS
Senior Fellow
Boston Children's Hospital
Epidemiology and Changing Trends of Pediatric
Brain Death in Australasian ICUs
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J. Bradley Segal, MBE
Medical Student
Harvard Medical School
Brain Death and Posthumous Harm
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Zaev Suskin, BA
MBE Candidate
Harvard Medical School
How Do Implantable Brain Devices Affect
the Determination of Brain Death?
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Melinda Wilding, DBE
Instructor University of Colorado at Denver
and Anschutz Medical Campuses
The Sanctity of Death: Respect for Persons
Supersedes Fideism
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