Master of Bioethics

Education, skills development and a hands-on Capstone experience that prepares professionals to assess and address morally challenging aspects of health care and issues in the life sciences. 1 year full-time or 2 year part-time course of study. Learn about the Master of Bioethics program.


Postdoctoral Research Scholars Program in Bioethics

This two-year program aims to prepare scholars with the knowledge and skills necessary to become leaders in the field of bioethics. Research Scholars will be fully integrated into the community, with access to the resources of the entire Medical School and the University at large. Submit your Postdoc Application.


Fellowship in Bioethics

Open to physicians, nurses, lawyers, social workers, and others in academic fields related to medicine or health with a serious interest in bioethics, this year-long Fellowship immerses successful applicants in the ethics environment of the medical school and university. How to apply for Fellowships.

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Spencer Hey, PhD

Spencer Hey: Unpacking the Clinical Research Portfolio

In Dr. Spencer Hey's Research Ethics class, Master of Bioethics students discuss and debate the life cycle of clinical translation.
When you suspect a colleague is impaired

When You Suspect a Colleague is Impaired

J. Wesley Boyd, MD, PHD on

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Harvard Medical School launched the Center for Bioethics out of the conviction that we have a particular responsibility to ensure that values and ethics are always part of medical training, laboratory and clinical research, and ongoing professional education. ​ Learn more >



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