James Corbett

Harvard Gazette
By John Laidler, Harvard Correspondent
Shifts in the field can allow providers both to prosper and serve patients better, speaker James Corbett says.

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This multidisciplinary program was co-sponsored by the Center for Bioethics at Harvard Medical School and 

Dr. Mille Solomon

A national conversation about the evidence behind health care and health policy options is an “ethical imperative,” but values conflicts are likely to arise. Dr. Mille Solomon and scholars from the Hastings Center propose a way forward in an article in Health Affairs

Thomas I. Cochrane, M.D.

How one faculty member defines the world of neuroethics

Center faculty members Dr. Spencer Hey and Dr. Aaron Kesselheim examined a lawsuit filed by Amarin Pharmaceutical in May 2015 that sought permission to distribute "truthful and non-misleading" statements relating to an off-label use of its product Vascepa, a pill derived from fish oil. The authors conclude that "informativeness," understood as asserting scientific facts--beyond mere logical truth--"ought to be the standard for regulating commercial speech about pharmaceuticals".

ALS neuroethics lecture

Patients with ALS have a uniformly fatal disease, and one might worry that ALS patients are even more prone to the therapeutic misconception. In this video, panelists discuss evidence for therapeutic misconception in ALS trials.

Lachlan Forrow, MD

Physician is honored with state medical society's award for leadership in public health

Neurologists who treat epilepsy face substantial difficulty distinguishing "true" seizures caused by abnormal electrical discharges from seizures that are caused by psychological factors (psychogenic nonepileptic seizures, or PNES).


by Paul McLean
A tribute to the pet bred for research that saved the life of the author's child.

Henry K. Beecher

A call for submissions for the Eighteenth Annual Henry K. Beecher Prize in Medical Ethics, a prize of $1,000 for “the best essay in the field of medical ethics written by an HMS or HSDM student”.