Clearly distinguishing between the living and the dead is an essential function in any society, necessary for determining when people may be buried, when their wills may be executed, when efforts to keep them alive may be terminated, and when they may donate their organs, among other issues.

Effy Vayena

To address the ethical challenges in big data health research we propose the concept of systemic oversight.

Laura Specker Sullivan in India


Advance care planning (ACP) may seem straightforward to some. However, for many people this is a challenging topic to discuss and a complex landscape to navigate.

If a physician has a substance use or mental health problem, it is in everyone’s interest — the physicians themselves, their patients and their families — for them to get treatment.

The bar for clinical trials involving children, by design, is set higher than it is for adults. Before a drug can be given to children in a Phase 1 trial, it must have already been tested in adults and shown some signals about its safety and clinical promise.

Sixth Annual MGH Public and Community Psychiatry Symposium
Wednesday, March 28
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Helena Hansen, MD, PhD

Although highly respected as a theoretical physicist for discovering the behavior of black holes and investigating the origin of the universe, Hawking leaves behind an

IVF malfuction

Two tank failures at fertility clinics in Ohio and California caused the possible loss of thousands of eggs and embryos, devastatin