Clinician burnout can have serious, wide-ranging consequences, from reduced job performance and high turnover rates to—in the most extreme cases—medical error and clinician suicide.

Patients are increasingly turning to medical crowdfunding as a way to cover their health care costs. In the case of Charlie Gard, an infant born with encephalomyopathic mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome, crowdfunding was used to finance experimental nucleoside therapy.

These often-invoked words attributed to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. offer moral sustenance to many persons working toward health equity today.

If you sign up to take part in a clinical trial, you can trust that scientists have solid evidence from animal studies that the test drug might work, right? After all, a study based on flimsy evidence would needlessly put your health at risk and potentially waste money.

Harvard Medical School Bioethics Capstone Event

Graduating students from the master of bioethics program presented their scholarly work during the 2018 Capstone Symposium on May 3.

Johns Hopkins surgeons performed the most complex penis transplant ever in late March on a soldier who lost his genitals during a bomb blast in Afghanistan.


Clearly distinguishing between the living and the dead is an essential function in any society, necessary for determining when people may be buried, when their wills may be executed, when efforts to keep them alive may be terminated, and when they may donate their organs, among other issues.

Effy Vayena

To address the ethical challenges in big data health research we propose the concept of systemic oversight.