Clinical Bioethics Course Plenary Speaker Announced: Autumn Fiester, PhD

Autumn Fiester, PhD, will be a plenary speaker for the 2017 Harvard Clinical Bioethics Course. During the course Fiester will discuss conflict management for challenging ethics consultations. The topics to be covered will include: diagnosis of the emotional sources of a stakeholder’s anger; constructive responses to anger or frustration; dealing with one’s own conflict-aversion; and techniques to calm explosive outbursts and transform them into productive dialogue.

Fiester is the Assistant Chair for Education and Training in the Division of Medical Ethics at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the Director of the Penn Program in Clincal Conflict Management, which promotes conflict resolution training for formal clinical ethics consultations and ethics conflicts at the bedside. Dr. Fiester is a consultant for the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Ethics Service, and she conducts workshops in conflict management around the country. She is widely published in the areas of clinical ethics and ethics consultation.

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