Stowe Locke Teti
Stowe Locke Teti, HEC-C
Core Faculty, Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine
Director, Writing Support Program
Executive Editor, HMS Bioethics Journal
Executive Editor, Pediatric Ethicscope

Stowe Locke Teti is a core faculty member at the Harvard Medical School Center for Bioethics, a Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine, and an ASBH-certified clinical ethicist. He is the director of the Center's Writing Support Program, executive editor of the HMS Bioethics Journal and executive editor of Pediatric Ethicscope: The Journal of Pediatric Bioethics. Much of Stowe's work focuses on writing in bioethics, and he enjoys mentoring students seeking to improve the expression of their ideas, better the structure their written work, and polish an individual writing style.

Stowe's clinical work has focused on pediatric ethics. Prior to joining the Center's faculty, he completed six years of clinical training on the Clinical Ethics Consult Service at Children's National Health Center in Washington, D.C. He later became a clinical ethics associate in 2016, the clinical ethics coordinator in 2017, and the lead clinical ethicist in 2018. 

While in Washington, Stowe worked on collaborations among pediatric hospital ethics programs to improve clinical ethics consult case documentation and promotion of data sharing across pediatric medical centers. In 2016, Stowe and his counterpart at Washington Hospital Center founded the Washington D.C. Clinical Ethics Consortium. The DC CEC brought clinicians and scholars together from the ethics departments at Children's National, Washington Hospital Center, the NIH, the Kennedy Institute, the Pellegrino Center, the VA Center for Ethics, and nine local hospitals to discuss issues in common and promote collaboration. One of the first matters the consortium addressed was how to implement the newly-passed Death with Dignity legislation in a manner consistent across D.C. hospitals; prior to the formation of the consortium no avenues for such discussions existed.

Stowe's interest in publishing began in 2014. At the time, the field of bioethics contained over 30 journals with various focuses in both print and online, but none were dedicated to pediatric ethics. Seeing this void, Stowe began developing Pediatric Ethicscope with his mentor at Children's National, Tomas Silber, MD. Soon thereafter Pediatric Ethicscope became the first such journal, and remains the only peer-reviewed journal dedicated to pediatric ethics.

Stowe's recenttly-completed research includes a 2-year study of clinical ethics consult service utilization and a review of clinical ethics consultation processes and methodology; his ongoing research involves a 30-year retrospective study of decision-making dynamics in pediatric end-of-life care, and a qualitative study of social obligation. He writes about specific bioethical issues such as iatrogenesis and opioid policy, as well as moral theory, social theory, and theories of human nature. He has received multiple awards for his work, including the ASBH Philosophy Affinity Group Best Paper, Stanford S. Leikin Memorial Essay in Ethics, and the William James Prize for clarity in expression of philosophical thought. Stowe came to bioethics following undergraduate studies in philosophy and mathematics at St. Mary's College of Maryland, where he has since delivered lectures on ethical theory, and graduate studies in philosophy with a focus on social science, ethics, and epistemology at the University of Connecticut.

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