Rodney Paul Dismukes
Rodney Paul Dismukes, Ph.D.
Instructor in Psychiatry

Rodney P. Dismukes is the Clinical Associate Director of Mental Health Services for the VA Boston Healthcare System and is an Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School. He chairs the VA Boston’s Ethics Consultation Committee. He earned his PhD in clinical psychology in 1987 from Auburn University and a Master of Healthcare Administration degree from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill in 2010. He completed an MS in Biomedical Ethics from the Alden March Bioethics Institute at Albany Medical College in 2014. He has worked as a mental health clinician and clinical administrator in a wide variety of treatment settings in both the public and private sectors. His areas of interest include the ethical delivery of mental health services and understanding how healthcare practitioners best acquire skills in professionalism and ethical decision-making. Additionally, he is interested in improving processes and systems supporting the areas of clinical and organizational ethics in healthcare settings.

Fellowship Year: 2014-2015

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