Ralph Baumann Freidin
Ralph Baumann Freidin, M.D.
Instructor in Medicine, Part-time

Ralph Freidin is a primary care physician retired after 35 years of community practice. He is an emeritus attending physician at the Mount Auburn Hospital and clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School. His interests include the process of doctor-patient communications and as well as informed consent. He teaches Medical Ethics and Professionalism to first year Harvard Medical students. Dr. Freidin has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the American Medical Association, and the Annals of Internal Medicine. He earned his AB from Columbia College in history and his MD from Washington University in St. Louis. He completed his training at Barnes Hospital in St Louis and Boston City Hospital. He volunteers with the National Association of Free Clinics around the country. He is treasurer of board for GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Activists and Defenders (www.glad.org) He has served on the Health Advisory Board for the Human Rights Campaign. His blog is http://theunseenpatient.blogspot.com

Publications View
A multivariate approach to the prediction of no-show behavior in a primary care center.
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Patient-physician concordance in problem identification in the primary care setting.
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Terminating the physician-patient relationship in primary care.
Authors: Authors: Freidin RB, Lazerson AM.
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Trends in medical education research: past, present, and future.
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Medical education and physician behavior: preparing physicians for new roles.
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A student-community planned health project for the poor.
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The binding reactions of antibodies specific for the 2,6-dinitrophenyl group.
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