Marcin Waligora
Marcin Waligora, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine (2017-18)

Marcin Waligóra, PhD, is a visiting Fulbright Scholar at the Center for Bioethics. Dr. Waligóra is an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and Bioethics at Jagiellonian University Medical College in Poland. Dr. Waligora leads REMEDY, the Research Ethics in Medicine Study Group where he works with a team of international, interdisciplinary physicians, pharmacists, lawyers, philosophers, sociologists and public health specialists, focusing on the ethical aspects of conducting research with human participants.

Dr. Walligóra’s research focuses on the ethical challenges of pediatric research and the structural problems of clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe. He is currently working on a series of meta-analysis measuring risk and benefit balance in pediatric trials in oncology.

Dr. Waligóra’s Fulbright project builds on his previous work in pediatric phase 1 trials in oncology, and expands on it using methods that he has already successfully deployed and mastered. The project has very practical applications, as he will be developing evidence-based recommendations for the evaluation of risk/benefit ratios in proposed pediatric phase 1 trials in oncology. Such recommendations will be of great use to Institutional Review Boards, Regional Ethics Committees, Data Safety Monitoring Committees, and others who participate in this research.

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