Joshua Buckholtz
Joshua Buckholtz
Assistant Professor of Psychology

The Systems Neuroscience of Psychopathology lab utilizes multimodal neuroimaging (molecular imaging with PET and functional/structural/connectivity imaging with MRI), personality and behavioral assessment, and genomic approaches to understand how genes and environments affect brain chemistry and function to influence variability in human self-control.

Recent FAS Courses Taught:

PSY 18 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 1251 Circuits and Symptoms

PSY 3020 Direction of Doctoral Dissertations

PSY 2475r Laboratory for the Systems Neuroscience of Psychopathology

NEUROBIO 324L Neuroscience and Genetics of Human Variation in Reward and Self-Control

PSY 3200 Research Seminar in Clinical Science

PSY 2060 Reward and Self Control

Harvard, FAS Department of Psychology
Northwest Lab Building - East Wing; Room 295.01
52 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138