Daniel S Kamin
Daniel S Kamin, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
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Variable management strategies for NEC totalis: a national survey.
Authors: Authors: Pyle AK, Shabanova V, Cleary MA, Ozgediz D, Cummings CL, Kamin DS, Mercurio MR.
J Perinatol
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An Intravenous Fish Oil-Based Lipid Emulsion Successfully Treats Intractable Pruritus and Cholestasis in a Patient with Microvillous Inclusion Disease.
Authors: Authors: Anez-Bustillos L, Dao DT, Potemkin AK, Perez-Atayde AR, Raphael BP, Carey AN, Kamin DS, Thiagarajah JR, Crowley M, Gura KM, Puder M.
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Neonatal-Onset Chronic Diarrhea Caused by Homozygous Nonsense WNT2B Mutations.
Authors: Authors: O'Connell AE, Zhou F, Shah MS, Murphy Q, Rickner H, Kelsen J, Boyle J, Doyle JJ, Gangwani B, Thiagarajah JR, Kamin DS, Goldsmith JD, Richmond C, Breault DT, Agrawal PB.
Am J Hum Genet
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Advances in Evaluation of Chronic Diarrhea in Infants.
Authors: Authors: Thiagarajah JR, Kamin DS, Acra S, Goldsmith JD, Roland JT, Lencer WI, Muise AM, Goldenring JR, Avitzur Y, Martín MG.
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Unpasteurized Shared Human Milk Use in Pediatric Inpatients: Health and Ethical Implications.
Authors: Authors: Barbas KH, Sussman-Karten K, Kamin D, Huh SY.
Hosp Pediatr
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Identification and characterization of a novel DGAT1 missense mutation associated with congenital diarrhea.
Authors: Authors: Gluchowski NL, Chitraju C, Picoraro JA, Mejhert N, Pinto S, Xin W, Kamin DS, Winter HS, Chung WK, Walther TC, Farese RV.
J Lipid Res
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The Case-Based Collaborative Learning Peer Observation Worksheet and Compendium: An Evaluation Tool for Flipped Classroom Facilitators.
Authors: Authors: Frankl S, Newman L, Burgin S, Atasoylu A, Fishman L, Gooding H, Kamin D, Puig A, Thomas AM, Cohen D, Schwartzstein R.
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What Is the Role of Developmental Disability in Patient Selection for Pediatric Solid Organ Transplantation?
Authors: Authors: Kamin DS, Freiberger D, Daly KP, Oliva M, Helfand L, Haynes K, Harrison CH, Kim HB.
Am J Transplant
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A novel mutation in ICOS presenting as hypogammaglobulinemia with susceptibility to opportunistic pathogens.
Authors: Authors: Chou J, Massaad MJ, Cangemi B, Bainter W, Platt C, Badran YR, Raphael BP, Kamin DS, Goldsmith JD, Pai SY, Al-Herz W, Geha RS.
J Allergy Clin Immunol
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Pediatric non-Helicobacter pylori atrophic gastritis: a case series.
Authors: Authors: Pogoriler J, Kamin D, Goldsmith JD.
Am J Surg Pathol
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