Brooke Shinnamon Tempesta
Brooke Shinnamon Tempesta
Master's Program Manager

Brooke Shinnamon Tempesta oversees the Master of Bioethics, Fellowship in Bioethics, and Responsible Conduct of Research Programs at the Center for Bioethics. She recently defended her doctoral thesis on the motivations of mid-career professionals who pursued master’s degrees in bioethics and her EdD will be conferred from Northeastern University in December 2019. She received a master of arts degree in higher education administration and student development from Boston College and bachelor of science in education, magna cum laude, from Bridgewater State College. Brooke has over twenty years of experience working in higher education in the areas of program development, student conduct, student activities, and leadership development. Brooke plays a key role in the Center’s program and curriculum processes, recruitment and admissions, and maintains ongoing engagement with our alumni.

Harvard Medical School
Center for Bioethics
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