Allison Scobie-Carroll
Allison Scobie-Carroll, LICSW, MBA

Allison Scobie-Carroll, LICSW, MBA is the Director of Social Work at Boston Children’s Hospital where she provides clinical and administrative leadership to a team of 150 clinical social workers and 30 graduate and post graduate trainees serving in medical, psychiatric and community based settings throughout the enterprise. Prior to moving into her current role in 2012, Ms. Scobie-Carroll served as the Program Director of the Child Protection Program at Boston Children’s for nearly a decade. In addition to her hospital-based work she is a part-time faculty member at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work and an independent consultant providing program development, training, clinical supervision and expert testimony. Ms. Scobie-Carroll’s academic interest is in the ethics of clinician decision-making in the context of concerns for pediatric condition falsification and over medicalization.

Fellowship Year: 2014-2015