The Center for Bioethics has a large community of bioethics professionals who take part in conferences and collaborate on events throughout the year. The links provided are to outside events. Please register directly through the websites and links provided.

2023 APPE Annual International Conference

Founded in 1991 as an organization dedicated to teaching and embedding the practice of ethics and ethical decision-making into all aspects of society, the work of the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (APPE) is more relevant now than ever. Through this conference and its other programming, APPE facilitates scholarly exchange, supports a network of individuals and institutions committed to bridging ethics theory with practice, and serves as an advocate for the practical application of ethical principles across all sectors of society. Together, we take rigorous academic work and make it relevant and actionable in the real world. Because of the commitment and involvement of people like you, APPE is making a difference across the United States and beyond.

Visit the APPE website to learn more.

2023 Petrie-Flom Center Annual Conference

Health Law as Private Law

This conference seeks to explore the intersection of private law and health care, especially regarding how private law can be a tool for achieving health care reform or addressing a significant health care or public health problem. Overall, this conference and subsequent book project seek to map out the challenges and opportunities of using private law and the tools it provides to govern and shape our health care system. Contributions that explore the interaction of government initiatives and regulatory reform with private law actions in the health care space are within the scope of this project as long as the contributions focus on the private law aspects.

Visit the Petrie-Flom Center website to learn more.

2023 ASBH Annual Conference

Engaging the Past to Energize the Future: Creating Space for Inclusive Public Discourse

The 25th anniversary of ASBH is an opportunity for us as a community to reconsider the role of bioethics and humanities in society. For example, how best to respond to divisive policies and frame honest and open discussions with those with whom we disagree. Part of this reconsideration calls for creating spaces—physical or otherwise—that facilitate interaction and deliberation. In that vein, the 2023 ASBH Annual Conference will address critical questions including: How can we frame conversations and debates to identify substantive discussion points without resorting to pure rhetoric? How best can we solicit the perspectives of key stakeholders when making decisions with broad implications? How can we destructuralize racism and other biases routinely built into healthcare access?

Visit the ASBH website to learn more.