Dear Friends,

One can hardly scan the news headlines on any given day without finding a healthcare story that deeply challenges our sense of morality.

From the research laboratory to the trenches of the ICU, from the State House to the courthouse, the pace of change in the life sciences is driving up the complexity of bioethical decisions and the need for professionals with the knowledge and skills to assess the ethical, legal and social implications of the choices at hand and to champion the right courses of action.

Harvard Medical School has launched this new Master's program in bioethics to educate clinicians, researchers, administrators, attorneys and other professionals to address these challenges.

Our faculty are thought leaders across a wide array of disciplines. The curriculum combines formal grounding in the foundations of bioethics, elective courses in applied ethics and mentored field experiences applying ethical reasoning in real-world settings.

We invite you to come learn and work with us.


Rebecca Weintraub Brendel, MD, JD
Director, Master's Program
Center for Bioethics, Harvard Medical School