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Fellow in Bioethics

Camila Gabriel, MSc, MS, is a genetic counselor and research fellow at Dana Faber Cancer Institute. She received her BSc and MSc in Fetal Medicine and Prenatal Genetics at University College London and her MS in Genetic Counseling at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. She recently moved from her position at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, London, to Boston for a research fellowship in population genetics. She is interested in the bioethics of genetic discrimination and of women’s health.

Charlene A. Galarneau, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at Wellesley College and Director of the Health and Society Minor. Her research explores the ethics of health care, public health, and health policy that take seriously intersecting social relations including gender, “race,” and class. Her 2016 book, Communities of Health Care Justice, (Rutgers University Press) offers a concept of community justice that understands multiple and diverse communities as critical moral participants in determining the nature of justice in U.S. health care.

Staff Assistant
Laura is the part-time staff assistant in the Center. She helps with administrative tasks around the office, and advertising for the Clinical and Health Policy Consortiums. She serves as an aid to the Master’s program, working with the weekly MBE newsletter and helping serve our faculty with any issues they experience with their Canvas sites.
Research Scientist

Bizu Gelaye, PhD, MPH, is an epidemiologist and a Research Scientist at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health and a lecturer at Harvard Medical School. He received his MPH and PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Washington, Seattle. Dr.

Byron Good
Professor of Medical Anthropology in the Department of Social Medicine
Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine
Charlotte H. Harrison, PhD, JD

Charlotte Harrison is Hospital Ethicist and Director of the Office of Ethics at Boston Children’s Hospital, where she also co-chairs the Ethics Advisory Committee.  She has served as director of the hospital’s literature and medicine program and has co-chaired organizational ethics task forces addressed to issues in the provision of extracorporeal life support and the conduct of organ donation after circulatory death.  At the Center for Bioethics, she co-chairs the Organizational Ethics Interest Group with James Sabin MD.

Javad T. Hashmi, MD
Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine (EXT)

Javad Hashmi, MD is an attending physician in the Emergency Department at Athol Memorial Hospital, a critical access hospital in an underserved region of Massachusetts. He is pursuing a master's degree in theological studies at Harvard University. As a Fellow of Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Hashmi is interested in the intersection between ethics, theology, and human rights. He is specifically interested in Islamic bioethics and believes Muslim physicians like himself must play a role in advocating for human and women's rights in the Islamic world.

Fellow in Bioethics

Marta Herschkopf, MD, MSt is a psychiatrist on the consultation service at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and an instructor at Harvard Medical School. She earned a master’s degree in Theology from Oxford and completed her medical training at Harvard Medical School and New York University. She is interested in ethical issues regarding medical decision-making capacity and personality disorders. Marta has also published and lectured widely on the interplay of psychiatry/medicine and spirituality.

Faculty Member, Harvard Center for Bioethics; Research Fellow, Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Dr. Hey works on ethical, policy, and methodological issues at the intersection of philosophy of science and biomedical research ethics.