Fellowship Objectives:

  • To deepen one's moral imagination – i.e., the ability to discern, often submerged or unarticulated, ethical questions and to struggle respectfully with alternative views
  • To develop familiarity with the major approaches to ethical analysis and justification, commonly used in bioethics
  • To understand the basic values and concepts central to bioethics
  • To understand the key topics bioethics has addressed to date, including the major questions being asked within each topic and the nature of the debate(s) relevant to each one
  • To develop more refined skills at ethical analysis – both with regard to clinical cases and to issues of national policy
  • To be able to pose new questions worthy of ethical analysis
  • To recognize some of the conceptual limitations of the prevailing bioethical paradigm
  • To integrate intellectual inquiry in bioethics with reflections on one’s personal experiences working in health care in order to enhance and sustain professional ideals and aspirations